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"frozen yellowtail""frozen yellowtail"
“yellowtail fish”“yellowtail fish”
“yellowtail hamachi”“yellowtail hamachi”



The yellowtail is a high-quality warm-water fish distributed in the seas of Japan and south of Taiwan. The yellowtail fish also calls Japanese amberjack, yellowtail amberjack or hamachi. It is rich in protein, DHA, taurine, and vitamins. This fish is considered to be the best choice for sashimi and sushi in Japan because of its fine meat and tender taste. It has a premium price in the Japanese market.
Every year from February to May, the Chinese ship will catch some yellowtail fish around Taiwan. However, people can’t use them for sashimi. Under this condition, its price is cheap and competitive. In China, some mills process them into the steak or dried fish floss for human consumption. Our company normally pack them in the woven bag or carton as customer’s requirement. We already export this fish to Srilanka, Vietnam, Thailand and Africa market. If any importer and buyer have any interest, please do feel free to send us an inquiry.

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Product Details

Latin Name:               Seriola Quinqueradiata

Production Type:        Frozen

Type:                         Whole Round

Size:                          300-500G,500-700G,700G+,7KG+

Freeze Way:               IQF,Landfrozen or Seafrozen

Catch Way:                Purse Seine

Packing:                     Carton/Woven Bag

Other Details

Catch Area:            061

Country of origin:  China

MOQ:                     1*40RF

Loading Port:         Ningbo Port

Delivery Date:        10days

Documents:           Invoice,Packing List,Health Certificate,Certificate of Origin,Bill of lading

Packing Details

Carton Packing
Carton Packing With Belt

Vedio Details

Loading Container

“Loading Container”
“Loading Container”

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