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Squid eggs


Squid eggs also call squid roes. They are very precious seafood and well-known at home and abroad. Squid eggs are two entangled glands of female squid. The meat is as white as jade, with the characteristics of fresh, tender and crisp, and rich in nutrition. In addition to fresh food, it can be processed into canned food or dried products. Squid roes are rich in protein and various amino acids required by the human body. Eating squid eggs has the benefit of preventing cancer. It can reduce our blood pressure and prevent hyperlipidemia.
Our company mainly sells squid roe based on small packing as required. We already export them to Thailand. If any importer and buyer have any interest, please do feel free to send us an inquiry.

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Product Details

Latin Name:            Illex Argentinus

Production Type:     Frozen

Size:                       Small,Medium,Big

Processing:             Cleaned

Freeze Way:            BQF

Glazing:                   0%

Packing:                  1KG*10,2KG*5

Other Details

Catch Area:            061

Country of origin:  China

MOQ:                     1*20RF(10MT)

Loading Port:         Xiamen Port/Fuzhou Port

Delivery Date:        10days

Documents:           Invoice,Packing List,Health Certificate,Certificate of Origin,Bill of lading

Packing Details

Squid Roes packing
1KG BQF Packing
squid roes packing
2KG BQF Packing

Vedio Details

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