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“Spanish Mackerel”“Spanish Mackerel”
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“frozen spanish mackerel fish”“frozen spanish mackerel fish”
“Japanese Spanish mackerel”“Japanese Spanish mackerel”

Spanish Mackerel


Spanish mackerel calls sawara or Japanese seerfish. It is a long and narrow body with a blue or black head and back. The general length is 25-50 cm, and the weight is 300-1000 grams. It is a high-quality fish with high economic prices. This fish is less fishbone and rich in nutrients such as protein, vitamin A, and minerals. Because it feeds fish and shrimp, the Spanish mackerel is full of fat. Its comparatively white flesh is succulent in almost any kind of cooking. They can be made to sushi, smoked fish or salted with a very delicious taste.
Our company processes Spanish mackerel fish into IQF or IWF as the customer’s requirement. We already export them to some countries like Malaysia and Thailand. If any importer and buyer have any interest, please do feel free to send us an inquiry.

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Product Details

Latin Name:               Scomberomorus Niphonius

Production Type:         Frozen

Type:                        W/R

Size:                         200-300G,300-500G,500-700G,700-1000G,1000G+

Freeze Way:               IQF or IWP,Seafrozen

Catch Way:                Purse Seine

Packing:                     Carton

Other Details

Catch Area:            061

Country of origin:  China

MOQ:                     1*40RF

Loading Port:         Xiamen Port

Delivery Date:        10days

Documents:           Invoice,Packing List,Health Certificate,Certificate of Origin,Bill of lading

Packing Details

“frozen whole spanish mackerel IQF Packing”
IQF Packing
“spanish mackerel IWP packing”
IWP Packing

Vedio Details

Loading Container

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