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"Layang Scad""Layang Scad"
“Frozen Muroaji Fish”“Frozen Muroaji Fish”
"Round Scad""Round Scad"
“Muroaji for tuna bait”“Muroaji for tuna bait”

Layang Scad


Layang scad also calls Muroaji or round scad. It usually inhabits water depths of 20-170 meters. Its groups often cruise in open waters. In China, people mainly catch them in the South Sea and Taiwan Strait. It can be eaten fresh or marinated with full muscles, firm meat, and delicious taste. Round scad is suitable for longer heating methods such as roasting, cooking, stewing, and braising. Its marinated products can be steamed, fried, and deep-fried.
Our company processes Layang scad based on BQF or IQF as required. Muroaji fish is good baitfish for tuna bait. We already export them to some countries like Malaysia, Srilanka, and the Philippines. If any importer and buyer have any interest, please do feel free to send us an inquiry.

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Product Details

Latin Name:              Decapterus Macrosoma

Production Type:       Frozen

Type:                       W/R

Size:                        6/8,8/10,10/12,12/14

Freeze Way:             IQF or BQF,Landfrozen or Seafrozen

Catch Way:              Purse Seine

Packing:                   Carton

Other Details

Catch Area:            061

Country of origin:  China

MOQ:                     1*40RF

Loading Port:         Xiamen Port

Delivery Date:        10days

Documents:           Invoice,Packing List,Health Certificate,Certificate of Origin,Bill of lading

Packing Details

IQF Packing
BQF Packing

Vedio Details

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