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“frozen indian ocean squid”“frozen indian ocean squid”
“frozen indian squid”“frozen indian squid”
“frozen WR indian ocean squid”“frozen WR indian ocean squid”

Indian Squid


Indian squid or Indian Ocean squid is a squid with a wide range throughout the Indian Ocean to Malaysia and the South China Sea. It feeds on fishes, crustaceans and other squids. Squid is rich in protein and amino acids required by the human body and has extremely high nutritional value. Now, the Indian squid has a more competitive price than other squids. It is mainly used for human consumption or to process into squid tubes, squid rings, squid fillets or squid carving.
Our company mainly sells this squid based on BQF and whole round. We already export them to some countries like Thailand and Philippine. If any importer and buyer have any interest, please do feel free to send us an inquiry.

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Product Details

Latin Name:               Uroteuthis Duvauceli

Production Type:         Frozen

Type:                        W/R

Size:                         100-200G,200-300G,300-500G,500G+

Freeze Way:               BQF,Landfrozen or Seafrozen

Catch Way:                Purse Seine

Packing:                     Carton

Other Details

Catch Area:            061

Country of origin:  China

MOQ:                     1*40RF

Loading Port:         Xiamen Port

Delivery Date:        10days

Documents:           Invoice,Packing List,Health Certificate,Certificate of Origin,Bill of lading

Packing Details

“indian ocean squid packing”
Carton Packing
“indian ocean squid whole packing”
Carton Packing

Vedio Details

Loading Container

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